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Domestic investigation: 

If you are concerned about the safety of your possessions or loved ones for any reason, whether it’s an abusive family member or threat of an intruder, a domestic investigation will retain evidence of wrongdoing and prevent any future crime.

Domestic surveillance: 

Infidelity; workers compensation?  Successful surveillance equates to the information you may need.

When you leave your home, covert surveillance, like nanny cams or audio devices, can ensure your space and the people in it are safe while you’re away. The resulting photographs and video can also be used in court if a crime is committed on your property.


Background checks: 

A background check can confirm whether or not a person is trustworthy. These checks look into employment history, criminal records, education, references, civil records, and more.


Undercover or covert operations: 

A domestic investigator is experienced in gathering evidence and documenting actions without being seen. They are also aware of the legal implications of conducting such an investigation.


Public record and information research: 

If you are being blackmailed, stalked, or need to file a restraining order, an investigator is capable of conducting a public records search and finding documents with pertinent information, like family history, criminal pasts, or current places of residence. This is similar to a background check but is more extensive and involves more resources.


Missing Persons: 

If you need to find someone for any reason, whether they are not providing child support or you need a process server, an investigator can conduct a skip trace and potentially find them for you.


Residential security and vulnerability assessment:

Understanding the security environment and identifying likely threats enables residents to make informed choices on everything from the location of the residence to the specific security features, such as alarms, lighting and fences.

Effective residential security planning starts from the outside and works its way in. But the outside-in approach pertains as much to security assessments as it does to physical security measures.

Surveillance / Matrimonial / Domestic Investigations / Missing Persons 




TBK Investigations has completed intricate commercial surveillance and subsequent report construction for franchise operations involving high-cash-oriented point of purchase transactions; wholesale/merchandise delivery of product to counter fraudulence and money laundering. Investigators can work to develop authenticated (official witness) findings for legal processes. 

Hidden Camera Surveillance / Landlord & Tenant / Employment Activity / Background Checks 




TBK has carried out security assessments world-wide (from Zimbabwe to Costa Rica to high-value homes and yacht settings) to insure personnel and technology are applied.  A sense of security is felt through knowing everything has been considered.


TBK will thoroughly investigate your corporation, organization, or business with a view to finding if any wrongdoing has been committed by employees, management, or third parties.  Our investigators know how to go undercover, examine financial accounts, analyze communications, and interview employees.  Depending on the nature of the investigation, our investigators will work with lawyers to gather and examine evidence. 


Security / Insurance Fraud Investigation / Due Dilligence / Mobile & Digital Forensics 


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