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Investigate, Secure and Protect. 

We're here to help. 

Premier solutions for your personal and business needs.

TBK Investigations serves Law Firms, Corporations, Insurance Companies and Individuals with comprehensive surveillance, security assessments, counter-fraud work, security consulting and carrying out high-value personnel protection details. 

Led by Navy Reserve Security Officer with Navy SEAL background, TBK has over 20 licensed years of investigative experience working world-wide on information gathering for its clientele.  Preeminent case management.

Fully Licensed and bonded in Rhode Island & Massachusetts; handling cases from Block Island to Boston to Nantucket. Let us help you assess and act.






[ Security Consultants ]

TBK can assist you with security assessments and security consultancy locally and internationally

[ Personal Protection ]

TBK is experienced in carrying out high-value personnel protection details for personal and corporate clients

[ Surveillance ]


TBK handles surveillance discreetly for its clients from Newport to Nantucket. Investigators understand stealth and concealment when obtaining vital video information for its clients.

[ Due Diligence]


Information gathering is the name of the game; all work carried out with supreme confidentiality

[ Missing Persons ]


TBK can handle any scale case and has a successful track record in locations from background in bail enforcement

[ Fraud & Insurance ]


TBK Investigations has carried out many hundreds of cases without compromise.

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