TBK Investigations, Strategies & Protection

Dave Bruce

Tom Kopchains

Tom began his military career in 1990 at the Naval Intelligence Training Center in Dam Neck, VA. In 1992 he was assigned to SEAL Team Eight as an Intelligence Specialist and deployed to the Bosnia area in support of NATO forces, and to Haiti in support of U.S. operations.  In 1995 he was assigned to SEAL Team Eight training department.  His duties included training other SEAL's in photo surveillance, mission planning, military research and advanced maritime operations.  Honorably discharged in January 1997 with over 18 medals and commendations, he began his investigative career by working for private investigation companies in New England. He obtained his private investigators license and concealed weapons license in June of 1998. He is co-founder of TBK Investigations and a commissioned officer in charge of SOC South Naval Reserves. Tom holds a B.A. in Economics from St. Michael's College and operates TBK Strategies LLC, which specializes in Crisis Management, Vulnerability Assessments and Executive Protection out of New Jersey.

Dave entered the U.S Navy and became a member of SEAL Team Two in 1987. He participated in worldwide training and completed two deployments to Europe, where he specialized in counter-terrorist tactics, winter warfare and intelligence gathering. In 1991 he was assigned to the Pentagon under the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict. After completing his active duty service in 1993, he became a licensed private investigator in Virginia. He returned to the Boston area in 1996 and continued his activities as a private investigator and as an instructor in SEAL Team Naval Reserves. Dave co-founded TBK Investigations in 1997, which became two separate companies:  TBK Investigations, Strategies & Protection owned and operated by Bruce and TBK Strategies LLC, owned and operated by Tom Kopchains).  Dave became licensed in Rhodes Island and moved operations to Newport in 2014; he has a concealed weapons license and serves as a Navy Security Officer.  Dave holds a B.S. in Geology from the University of Maryland University College.